Monday, January 30, 2017

An Introduction

It would seem appropriate to write something about myself as a start of a blog. Who am I, what's this blog about, etc... 

I have always had a thing for computers. I build my own gaming PC's. I consider myself a hacker.  I've gone to DEFCON a few times. Even won the Scavenger Hunt contest a few times. But I have yet to take the plunge completely.... Until now.  I a few short weeks I'm going to start towards the OSCP.  Until then I'm going to write about vulnerable by design VM's and some other stuff.

I started my career going straight into the Air Force at the age of 18. Life was great, I was learning about satellite communications, electronics. I would only touch a computer for the checking email or doing the much dreaded CBT's (computer based training). I aced my technical training schools, on the job training, and even got awards for this. As a naive kid I decided to aim my career towards software development (I wanted to make video games). Along the way I ended up interviewing a few developers in the industry and learned it was not the industry for me. Four years later and I had enough of endless programming. A coworker of mine was getting ready to retire and came back from a job fair with some brochures that caught my eye. One advertised working for the United States Antarctic Program.

My first thought "why not, could be fun". eight months later I found myself at the coldest place I had ever been. -40F stepping off at the plane at the South Pole.
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Front view of the Amundsen-Scott south pole station I took in September 2012

My one year contract Job had started.  I truly enjoyed it. I was still doing Satellite Communications work. About 2/3 way through my year down there I started to get bored, so I decided to get my Master's in Computer Science (Thanks to the GI Bill).  Again "why not".  I also picked up on brewing beer, started learning the bass, and more.

At the end of this year I came back home and picked up a job as a System Engineer/Admin. This journey of 12 years have also gained me a loving wife and five awesome kids. My oldest is picking up my passion for computers.

Enough about myself for now... Time to take a crack at a few VM's!

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