Sunday, February 19, 2017

PWK (OSCP) - So it begins

My 90 days for the PWK course has started.

I have the first 90 pages of the PWK course material completed and have started to perform some intel gathering on the PWK lab environment. I've also watched a good number of the videos so far. I plan to complete all the exercises and document the lab environment. These apply towards the exam, which can help with passing. Passing score is 70 points. Both completed with award up to 10 points. Not a lot but its enough to make the difference between a pass or a fail.

I'm a bit overwhelmed because there is a lot here for me to learn. Once I've gotten familiar with the lab environment I'm sure I'll start getting root on these boxes. As I learn I'll take "breaks" from the PWK course and knock out a vulnerable VM or two as time permits.

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